Mission Statement
We are here to create a safe, comfortable, and private place for eligible men to communicate with the most desirable women of the Philippines.
We are here to give women of the Philippines, with the proper backgrounds, the opportunity to expand their horizons and connect with serious men with whom they can build better lives.


Here are the facts.

Most foreign men's first and sometimes only experience with a Filipina is at a BAR.

So when they see a website full of Filipinas, they automatically think she is for sale.

I don't blame these men because they never had a choice until now.

The internet has become a haven for criminals ready to take advantage of your situation.

There is a cottage industry that makes millions of dollars introducing you to scams and will do everything they can to make sure you do not read this message.

The reason this great evil has continued because one good man has done nothing about it.

Well today is not that day.

We will change the way people meet online and how they socialize on the internet. 

The revolution starts now.


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