FAQ:  These answers are all based on common sense and observations you have made with your own eyes.  I am just pointing them out.  If you are shocked or surprised by any of these answers, then this lack of understanding maybe contributing to your unwanted single status.
1. Are the girls real?
Answer: Yes, the girls are real with photos and videos to prove it. They are verifying their identities and i have met them all personally.
2. Are the pictures real?
Answer: Yes, I personally take most of the photos and videos myself so I know they are real. It takes the same amount of resources and effort to make fake videos as it is to make real videos so why would I bother making fake videos. Actually there is very little production value on these videos because I have no budget. Besides the low production quality with the sound of chickens and jeepneys in the background give it an honest sense of reality. As if you are there yourself taking the video. You can almost smell the diesel fumes from the jeepneys passing by.
3. How do the girls find out about the website?
Answer: Mostly through local networking via friends, family, or acquaintances. They heard about it from a friend who has a friend that mentioned the website. As the website gains popularity and reputation, I can improve the quality and quantity of candidates that I invite to the club.
4.Why did you start this website?
Answer: It is actually multiple factors. I manage a short term condohotel (see Need a Manila Condohotel?) and I notice that I have clients that are meeting girls that they contacted online. Some have good results while others either end up with an "exotic beauty" or no one shows up at all.
5.What is an exotic beauty?
Answer: It is actually a slang term used for foreigners who end up hooking up with someone unattractive like the maid, i.e. Arnold Swarzenegger style.
6.Is it ok for me to try to meet more than one bebot on my trip to the Philippines?
Answer: Not only is it OK, I highly recommend it. Look to get the best job or get in the best colleges you have to send out multiple resumes and applications. Same method applies here when looking for a potential soul mate. It is not prudent to spend all that time and money just to meet one person exclusively. It puts you at a great disadvantage. You end up forcing yourself to like this person regardless. I have seen that look on their face when they say yes i am having a good time, but their eyes say please help me I am stuck with an exotic beauty and I can't get out. Since they have spent the time and money, they convince themselves that this is what they want.
7. Will I find the bebots on other dating websites?
Answer: The chances are pretty low because a traditional Filipina girl tends to be shy and reserved. I notice all the other asian dating websites seem to attract a certain female profile. The majority of the girls are desperate, unattractive, and many are single moms which they will not disclose until it is too late. Sometimes they never disclose for fear of retribution and become a lifelong burden to bear. To be honest the ladies I invite would normally never need to join a dating website because they have plenty of local suitors.
8. So why do bebots need to join your website if they have plenty of dating options already?
Answer: Because life is hard and it is going to get harder. It is to their benefit to make the most out of every opportunity that is available to them. They need to explore all possibilities while they are still young and have options.
9. Who is your target market?
Answer: Anyone that works hard in life and lives by their own terms with no compromise. So it could be anyone from doctors to lawyers to executives to even fanboys. There are a lot of successful fanboys out there but their social awkwardness makes it difficult to outshine the alpha males when it comes to attracting the best females.
10. There are not a lot of girls on your website are you adding more and will you run out of bebots?
Answer: My conservative estimates are the minimum I should be able to add is 1 bebot profile a week and a maximum of about 5 to 7 profiles a week. One bebot profile added per day should give the volume needed but still maintain quality control. The estimated population of the Philippines is 100 million and Manila alone has about 20 million residents. The answer is that there is a large supply of bebots, due to the large population pool and high birth rate of 26 births per 1000. To put it in context, California has 36 million residents and Japan has a low birth rate of 7 births per 1000. Both areas are larger than the Philippines with an older demographic.
11. Should I be worried about the ratio of men to women on your website?
Answer: There are more bebots than real genuine men of action participating in the website. Most people are just dreamers with no intention of doing anything about it. It takes a special person with initiative to make their dreams a reality and those people are few and far in between. The race is long but there are plenty of things you can do to increase your odds of success.
12. How do I know the bebot is not a prostitute?
Answer: The same way she will find out that you are a genuine person with honest intentions and not a sex tourist. Before there is a court trial where a jury deliberates and delivers a final verdict, there is a discovery phase. This is when both parties try to get as much information out of each other. Same process occurs here also when it comes to international dating.
13. So how do I get all the information I need during the discovery process?
Answer: Regardless whether you use this website or not, you have to travel here to the Philippines and meet. You have to meet her family and friends and don't forget to bring a gift for the parents. Actually if you get approval of the parents then getting the bebot approval is almost irrelevant. Now that you have boots on the ground, you need to start verifying where she works or goes to school. If she is a student, then there are school records or transcripts available. If she works, ask her to take you to her work and meet her co-workers etc. etc. If she does not want to comply, then that means she has something to hide. At this point you have to ask yourself what is she hiding and is it worth pursuing or moving on. I suggest you move on because the trust has been compromised.
14. Are the bebots only interested in money because I am not rich?
Answer: The better question here is how do you define rich. For me a definition of rich is someone who has assets over 5 million dollars outside their primary residence because a home is not an asset. That is my definition of rich because you can stop working anytime and still have a comfortable lifestyle. Bebots define rich as someone who has a stable job abroad that cannot be outsourced with benefits. 90% of the population here is poor or below poverty level. Unemployment is rampant at over 30%. As far as poor people in developing nations are concerned, you are rich.
15. You mentioned no sex before commitment. Does this mean we have to get married first before I get any action?
Answer: Yes this is the only way we can surely seperate the men from the boys.
16. What if no bebots respond to me?
Answer: New profiles are going to be added each week, so there is always hope.
17. What are bebots looking for in a man?
Answer: Bebots like to laugh so make sure you are funny or at least have some stories that are funny. Bebots like responsible men so make sure your job has good benefits and a severance package. It is hard to stay in love when the bills are not paid and water service is cut off. Bebots like men that are healthy because the only person that wants to be your nurse is your nurse.
18. Why do you have to charge money and where does it go?
Answer 1: The website only makes money through subscribers. I do not have sponsors or angel investors giving me money to run the website. I have to pay for webhosting, upgrade my computer, software, and camera equipment. I have to hire web developers to code the website to my specifications because i know nothing about programming. Traveling to meet the girls and go on this virtual date with them cost money. It cost more if they bring their homely friend that I can't add to the website. If they have to travel from a distant province I have to cover their bus fare as well as their meals during the interview, orientation, and pictorial. Anyone will tell you that everything from gas, to electricity, to toll road fees, to food, to real estate is more expensive here in the Philippines. So if you believe in the cause, please support the website by upgrading your membership and invite your other single friends to join.
Answer 2: The credit card process allows me to screen for online trolls. Trolls have nothing better to do than spam their useless hurtful comments and waste your time. If that dollar per day is more important to you than having the ability to communicate with the bebots, then by all means keep your dollar.
19. How do I know you are not a scam?
Answer: Do you really think that I will go through all this trouble just to scam you out of $29.95? You can always give me a phone call for re-assurance. My number is on the contact us page. Please leave a name, number, and the best time to call back.
20. Do you get a lot of hate mail?
Answer: Yes and No. I do get hate mail but not a lot. I notice they fall into certain categories. One category is that I got scammed category, therefore I hate you and anything associated with the Philippines. There is the I hate you because where were you when I needed you now I am stuck with a single mom "exotic beauty" ( the double whammy maid with built in baggage). Then you have the general bully population that get their jollies from spreading hate because someone has hurt them very bad. They can not find a constructive way to channel their emotions so they do it anonymously to try to intentionally hurt innocent random people.
21. Why do people from the Philippines make the best spouses in the world?
Answer: Because it is true. Don't believe me? Ask anyone anywhere in the world that is currently married to one.
22. Can I communicate with the bebots outside of the website like through yahoo messenger because you don't have instant messaging or webcam.
Answer: Yes if the bebot desires to do something like that with you. But please don't ask me to remove her profile because all of a sudden you have this regular correspondence on yahoo messenger. As far as we are all concerned that it is in the best interest of both parties for their profile to remain active until there is a commitment. Sending her flowers or chocolates does not constitute a commitment to warrant a removal of bebot profile specially if you have never actually met in person.
23. Why does the website not look polished like an e harmony or a match.com with all the bells and whistles?
Answer: I know its basic but I am not a programmer and I am on a shoestring budget. So if you know a talented coder that will help me add all the bells and whistles for peanuts then let me know.
24. Are you looking for angel investors?
Answer: No, I am no longer looking for investors.  So far everyone who has expressed interest has been going into it for all the wrong reasons.  I now know that bebotsonly and where it is going is a path I must take alone.

I am sure there are a lot of questions that I have not covered. Please email me with your additional questions at admin@bebotsonly.com. If your questions raise an interesting point that others would like have answered, I will add it to the FAQ.
The views and opinions expressed on this page are mine and mine alone. If you disagree, I would be more than happy to debate any of these topics with you over a bottle of Johnny Walker Scotch Whiskey. That way we can say things like, " you are drunk and you don't know what you are talking about".

Ok the website has been public for over a week now and I would like to start a new set of FAQ questions (today is July 22, 2011).
Question: Should I be concerned with the ratio of Women to Men on your website?
Answer: I forgot that I allready addresed this but it is so important that i decided to keep it here again. No, because most people online are just dreamers taking a moment to escape their unbearable reality and will not lift a finger to do anything about it. It takes a special person with initiative and determination to make their dreams a reality. Those people are few and far in between. Just imagine how much effort it would take to actually meet a bebot face to face. Someday I would like to use these people to start my testimonials section. In the meantime, there will always be more bebots than genuine men of action within the website.
Question: Is it hard to invite bebots to join?
Answer: Yes, oh my gosh yes it is so hard. It was even harder before I had a physical website. There were times when it would get down right ugly. All the girls initially assumed I was doing porn and looked at me with fear and loathing. How dare I approach them with such an indecent proposal. Scams are so rampant here in the Philippines that I can't blame them for their reaction. These girls get approached on a daily basis to join some kind of online combination porn scam pyramid scheme that they naturally assume I am one of them.
There is nothing harder than getting 2 people from different backgrounds and different locations to be in the same place and agree on the same thing. Add the fact that the people here don't understand why it is important to keep an appointment or be on time.
It is a lot easier now that I have a website to show them but many original challenges are still there. There is the crab in the barrel sabotage. That is when a girl is almost about to join but seeks the advice of the trusted ugly friend and she says hell no that is just a scam. She will say look what happened to so and so and now she is dead.
There is the I am so in love with my 20 year old boyfriend of 2 weeks that I don't need your website. We don't need anything else. All we need is each other come what may. He made all these promises to me that he will marry me if get pregnant and take care of our baby and never look at another woman and I believe him because I am young and naive. Usually this is just a passing phase and I pray to God they grow out of it before its too late.
Then there is the I will not join no matter what you say. These people are just hopeless. You can't help them no matter what you do or say. For these people, I just look forward to the day the website becomes successful and renowned. The day will come and they will approach and ask me if the offer is still good. I will say now you want to join, now that your electricity and water is going to get cut off and your tricycle boyfriend left you with a hungry baby so he can be with the other woman. Now you will want to join after I offered you the opportunity to improve your life with no strings attached and you looked at it like it was kryptonite. Now you want to join, are you for real? Opportunity is a funny fickle thing. It waits for no one and has no problem moving on.
Question: Should I worry about the age difference?
Answer: Ok this is a complicated question depending on how much the age difference is but I will try to simplify it. If you are in the 60 and above category, I will just have to defer you to the Hugh Hefner situation. I know you will say, well I am not Hugh Hefner. Well then you better be something close to it if you expect to keep up with these 20 year olds. Don't make me hit you with the reality check nerf bat again. Men in the 40 to 60 range just need to use their age as an advantage vs a disadvantage. I am 38 years almost 40 and I have definitely have a lot more to offer in terms of experience, maturity, and security versus 10 years ago when I was 28. Men in the age rage between 30 to 40 is the perfect range because this is when men hit their peak sexually experience wise and financially so it will not be hard keeping up with these young girls that are in their peak also. Men in the 20 to 30 range will be at a disadvantage because most of the time they are still in the process of establishing themselves and bebotsonly.com will just be a distraction.
Regarding the girls maturity level, yes they are young, innocent, inexperienced, and naive to the rest of the world's reality. But you are there to nurture them and protect them as a mentor and lover. You will help them grow into a complete woman and be an absolute joy to be with.
Question: Are you American or Filipino?
Answer: You know it is funny how this issue has come up multiple times. So after some discussion, I figured out why. Some people think that I am just an American trying to make a quick buck from these videos and be here today gone tomorrow. Quitting is not an option for me when I know so many people are depending on me for my help. If you can only see the conditions of poverty and despair that these girls have to live in, you would do the same. So many men have disappointed them throughout their lives but I am not one of them and today is not that day.
I was born to a squatter neighborhood in Manila and grew up in the mean streets of Tondo my first 10 years. The next 25 years I lived in California where I endured the exploitation, discrimination, and forsakenness every overseas Filipino worker trying to make a living abroad has to endure. Yes I know how to speak the native language Tagalog but I prefer to speak in English in my videos for an international market. My American accent is clear and easy to understand. If you listen to someone talk in a heavy accent like a British accent for example, most of them you need subtitles to comprehend.
Question: Why is it impossible to meet the "Good Girls" here in the Philippines?
Answer: You will never meet these girls on your own. Your job only allows you to visit for 2 weeks and the only girls you will meet in that short time are bar girls or exotic beauties because they practically live at the bar waiting for you. They are diligently scoping out their next "mark" because they know you are only here for a limited time. They need to make sure they get the rufee in your drink before you leave. The rufee clouds your vision and your judgement so it is easy for them to convince you to leave the bar with them and gives them unobstructed access to your wallet.
You will never see the bebots at the bars or clubs here. All the bebots will fall in one or more of these scenarios.
1. They are in school and only teachers, students, and authorized personal are allowed. Of course you can enroll back in school and be the star pupil to garner the girls attention like that movie" Back to School" with Rodney (I get no respect) Dangerfield. But even I will not go to those extremes just to meet bebots.
2. They are usually at work and talking to them outside the context of work will either freak them out, get them fired, or both. The strategy there would be that you have to buy all this merchandise in the deparment that they are assigned to so they can meet their quota. The problem there is that you are stuck with all this unwanted overpriced merchandise that you don't even want to take on the plane with you. Even after all that, she still may not give you her number. I tried this once for research purposes and I was given a fake number.
3. She is probably out with her 20 year old boyfriend of 2 weeks and they are in love. Wait 2 weeks and they will fall out of love but your work will not allow you to extend your vacation another 2 weeks.
4. She is probably with a guy or a bunch of guys that want to be her boyfriend so get in line.
5. She is out with a group of her ugly girlfriends that has formed a protective impregnable "C"-blocking shield around her. This special barrier is designed to keep her from having a better time than her ugly friends. These ugly girlfriends have united and have made a sacred vow/pact to protect all bebots from intrusion both foreign and domestic. Access denied.
6. She is out with her flaming gay friend or friends. The more beautiful the bebot, the more flaming the gay friend is. If the bebot is not interested, it is always guaranteed that the gay friend will. Unless you don't want to be stuck talking to her fabulous companion, steer clear of this situation. I would rather pretend that I am open to changing religions to impress a girl than entertain her gay friend.
7. The one major obstacle that keeps you from meeting the bebots is the opressive and strict parents. The prettier the bebot, the more facist the parents are. When they get a chance to escape, they party like it is the end of the world literally. When they get home, their parents are going to kill them. This oppressive nature is what leads to a lot of teen pregnancies. Parents know this because it it the same thing that happened to them and the vicious cycle repeats.
So to sum it up. You are paying me the big bucks because it is part of my job to remove these obstacles for you and put you in an even playing field.
Source: been there done that while doing research for the website
Question: Would you let your daughter join this website?
Answer: This question is going to come up many times and it is best that I address it now. As creator of the website of course my answer is obvious. The reality is that people from a better socio-economic status will pass judgement on others with a lower status especially if they suffer from insecurity or get no respect from their peers. They get this great comfort from being able to say that "I will never let my daughter do this." They are seeking attention and do it by spreading their hate and hypocrisy. The universe has a funny way of distributing justice and expose these people for their ignorance to make them eat their words. When it happens, I will smile.
Question: I want to date all the girls on your website, so why is this not a dating website?
Answer: Well it is not that simple. I thought about the courtship process here in the Philippines and realized that the parents do not allow dating. For girls to meet with their boyfriends, that they think they are in love to risk their health, they have to basically sneak out to go on this secret Romeo and Juliet rendezvous. Parents are very protective of their daughters so to be allowed to even speak to their daughter, you have to seek approval from the parents first. You have to prove to them that you are in this for the long haul and not just some flash in the pan. You basically have to become family for anything to happen. That means fulfilling your family duties for the welfare of the family.
Question: So what are my duties as a family member?
Answer: There are many ways to do this depending on the family involved. It is too complicated for me to explain on this faq because it has so much to deal with culture, pride, ego, hope, and tradition. You will have to contact me for the details once you are ready to take this next step.
Question: What if I am only interested in the girl and not her family?
Answer: I am sorry but in a poor country like the Philippines, nothing is more important than family. Family is the main focus of social interactions, the main source of happiness, and most importantly holds the key to survival and protection. Without family, there is nothing.
Question: Why are all the ladies so young and why are they mostly from Pampanga?
Answer: Ok let me answer this with something completely obvious. Most women who are the least bit attractive or desireable are committed to a long term relationship by the age of 21. Even the ugly ones are married or engaged by this age. This law is universal no matter where you live or socio-economic status. Meeting women over 21 that are available is difficult. Convincing them to join the club is even harder because they are less open minded to the concept versus their younger counterparts. Here is another universal law, the older a person is, the more issues or baggage they have because of their longer history. The younger ladies are more open to the idea that a social network has the capabilities of offering them a world of opportunities. While the older ladies think I am just trying to pull a fast one on them because of the so many men that have disappointed them and they naturally assume I am one of them. With that said, I am beating the drums twice as hard to get ladies in their mid to late 20's to join. I still have to find a right balance between quality and age for an older demographic. I am not about to accept single moms or exotic beauties so I can increase my average age.
The second part to this question is based on how ladies find out about my website. Most of them join because they were referred through a network of trust. The ladies invite their friends which will be in the same age group by default. The reason why they are all from Pampanga is I happen to have a few friends there and that is where I started my local marketing. The ladies invite friends, classmates, and other family members that live within the area. What's weird is that there is a high concentration of very attractive ladies in Pampanga. There must be something in the water is my only explanation.
Question: Why do the ladies not respond to the Craigslist ad messages?
Answer: Ok these are ads that I posted myself so of course they will not respond to your messages because they did not post them. These are local ladies and they have never even heard of Craigslist. Craigslist is full of trolls and the club gives you the option of separating and distinguishing yourself from this unwanted group of rejects. I have read all their emails and believe me no one should be contacted by them especially the bebots.
Question: Aren't the odds very low that I will make a special connection in this website?
Answer: The answer is that there is so much garbage online now that the odds are low for any website. At least with our service, the person you are sending an email to and receiving the message from is the actual person you see in the pictures and videos with my personal guarantee. Of course you can keep doing what you are doing now but the ladies are not going to wait for you. Life will go ahead and move on without you. We all die, but you will die alone because you decided to save a few bucks that you can't even take with you. Time maybe running out because you are not the only one studying this website.
Question: What is the best part about your job?
Answer: There are a lot of best parts about the job. All the ladies come into the meeting nervous and anxious. Pimping and pandering is such a normal way of life here that I don't blame them. My favorite moment is when they start to realize that the project is real with so much potential. All of a sudden they are excited to join and feel something that they have never felt before. They have this euphoric feeling of a better future with our club. That best part is when it is captured on video and pictures. When something is this good, you have to share it with the world.
Question: What is the worse part of your job?
Answer: I hate the waiting part. Imagine if I have 3 or 4 interviews scheduled and they are each late 2 to 3 hours. It is such a long day. So now you are thinking why not just schedule the meeting earlier so they are on time. I tried that before and for some reason they are able to sense this and compensate by being extra late. My only explanation is these bebots can sense what I am trying to do the same way certain animals can sense if an earthquake is coming. I have even tried scare tactics and say that I am going to leave if they are late. Somehow they all know that I am just bluffing. So I wait and I wait and I wait and I wait like Chef from South Park.
Another downside of the job is that it has attracted the worse scumbags that has ever walked the face of the earth. I have the pleasure of knowing that I am always in their thoughts with their constant reminders they send me daily.
Questions: If this event planner service is such a hassle, then why are you offering it?

Answer: The purpose of the club is to introduce genuine people to each other. Then it is up to them if they want to meet in person or not. What happens between 2 consenting adults is no longer my concern and I would prefer to stay out of it because it is none of my business. What I have noticed that has come into play are the cultural differences, logistics, and trust issues. Most of the ladies have never been outside their city and will find meeting with someone from another country for the first time to be intimidating and downright scary. In fairness, it is not right for me to expose everyone to a world that they have limited knowledge and experience with, then leave them to their own devices. The obstacle of any meeting is the natural fear of the unknown between both parties. Since I have established trust between both parties, I am extending my services. This burden is mine to bear whether I like it or not, is the answer to why I am offering it. There are dangerous people out there and it would be irresponsible of me not to assist and protect the ladies and subscribers anyway I can from these people. Not on my watch.

Question: What kind of dangerous people are you talking about?

Answer: These ordinary looking people are experts at using whatever little information they have and use it to manipulate you. They will exploit your weaknesses and play on your hopes and dreams so you can lower your guard and give them access to your money or worse. Even I can be easily fooled with their too good to be true approach because they know so much about me and my weaknesses through this website. My job is to flush out these evil doers and keep them out of our club. Good news is most of these con artists do not have access to credit cards. Only stolen ones and even then their interaction will soon be eliminated. The common predator is pretty easy to spot but it is the complicated ones that are hard to identify. All of them always follow the rule of picking the easier target. By standing by the ladies and my subscribers, these criminals will move on to the lower hanging fruit.

Question: Why do the ladies respond only once a week and sometimes less?

Answer: The cost to use the internet at a cafe is on the average 50 cents to 2 dollars an hour. Most students have an allowance of 1 dollar a day they need to use for food, transportation, and school supplies. The people that do work only take home anywhere between 1 to 3 dollars a day. So even if they wanted to send you a message everyday, they do not have the means to do it. So you are going to have to wait until they have saved up enough money for internet access to check their account.

Question: Why do all the ladies need tuition money?

Answer: Of course anyone in poverty is subject to this situation but a common story that I seem to be hearing is that the tuition money was stolen. All tuition is due at the beginning of the semester but it can be setup to be on a payment schedule with the full balance due at the end of the semester in September and March. So what happens is they are given the tuition money but since they can postpone the payment, they use the money for other debts that have immediate priority. Normally if they need money they will pawn their cell fone to a friend or shop. This is when tuition money is diverted. Once the diversion begins, they will go into a stage of denial. Since they are just kids, they will start spending the rest of the money to reinforce this denial state of mind. Since tuition final payment due is months away, this is called the "bahala na" state of mind. This state of mind includes an elaborate claim of how they are the victim of tuition theft. Telling parents this lie ensures them that will avoid any permanent physical punishment to live another day.

Question: What does "bahala na" mean?

Answer: The best english translation I have for it is "come what may". It is a basic survival coping skill all Filipinos have to deal with the uncertainty that lies ahead. Mostly the uncertainty of having no money when it is due. They are able to compartmentalize and seperate the needs of the future to enjoy what they have today. It is a double edged sword trait that the culture displays. This is how a nation can live in a relative state of hapiness even under a third world oppressive and corrupt scenario. The Don Quixote syndrome where we create our own reality rather than suffer in real world conditions.

Question: Why do people in the Philippines think money grows from trees in other countries like the good ol US of A?

Answer: It takes a mega corporation like Google 1 year to make 1 billion dollars. The Philippines receives over 2 billion dollars a month tax free in remittance for doing absolutely nothing. The only possible acceptable explanation for this pheonomena is because where it comes from, money does grow from trees. Actually it is not big money tree. It is a big printing press called the federal government. They are printing dollars in the trillions like it is going out of fashion. So don't shoot the messenger here.

Question: What if the Filipina hates me the first time we meet?

Answer: Of course they will hate you the first time you meet. They never met you, they don't know you, they are confused, and intimated. So of course to save face they will hate you at first. I can assist lessen the shock of the first impression and move forward.

Question: Why are there so many young single moms in the Philippines?

Answer: All females in poverty will become pregnant by their early 20's or younger. They may not have access to education, good paying jobs, or family planning. Sex is the only exciting thing to do that is readily available and free. The reasons not to get pregnant do not apply to poor people because an unplanned pregnancy has no effect on their current quality of life. Local men that are unemployed have nothing to do but specialize in getting as many women pegnant as possible. They do not have the means to get married let alone to support a family.

Question: You do not allow bar girls to join your club but is it ever ok to develop a long term relationship or marry a (reformed)bar girl?

Answer: The fact of the matter is that it takes time, money, effort, and perserverance to court a non bar girl. If you do not have the time, resources, or resolve, then a bar girl is perfect. I reserve no judgement because everyone's situation is different. Expats and Fil-Ams alike marry bar girls everyday, just make sure it does not happen to you.

Question: If people in the Philippines are so poor, then why are they happier compared to western countries?

Answer: Poor people here do not live. They survive. So everyday everyone is happy just to be alive. There are also no credit cards and imagine how happy you were before credit cards entered your life.

Question: What if I am not rich?

Answer: This question keeps coming up so I will answer it again another way. When people say that, what they are really trying to say is that they are very cheap. They are so cheap that they clean and re use disposble plates to pinch pennies. If you are that cheap please save your money and take it with you because there is nothing here for you or anywhere else for that matter.

Questions: Why do Filipinas get divorced when they come to America?

Answer: Once they arrive and live in America, they are no longer Filipinas. They are now Americans and depending on the individual may display the same attitudes and behaviors consistent with other American women towards you and being married to you.

Question: What is the current ratio of men to women on your site?

Answer: This question keeps coming up so I will answer it another way. The number of real quality eligible girls participating is over 30 compared to zero real qualified men of action. Men of action meaning someone who will make meeting the bebots in person face to face a priority regardless of the obstacles with no guarantees. The website is still young and has not reached the right people yet. This club is not designed to entertain online fantasies. There are thousands of other websites with thousand of men and women that make their living pretending to be something you want. Since they make their living online, they can correspond with you on a daily or maybe even hourly basis. The customer is happy. The website is happy. The scammer is happy. Everyone is happy. These other websites are designed for the man that will do and spend the bare minimum. There are millions of men that fit this profile and they do not count as far as the ladies and bebotsonly.com are concerned. They mine as well not exist.

Question: What is the biggest complaint that existing paying customers have about your website and what are you doing to address it?

Answer: I would have to say is the lack of responses. I do not have my first successful testimonial yet so interest and moral from the bebots is not very high. That is why I made the private event planner service free to encourage the right activity and stimulate interest from both parties. In reality these girls are young and inexperienced. They are just kids and just like kids they will perform exactly they way you want them to if the right motivation and external stimuli are applied. In regards to what that is, just put yourself in their position or you can call me and I can discuss in detail from my experience regarding my interactions in getting them to join our club.  To facilitate interaction, e-mail me your list of top bebots you want to interact with. I will send them a cell fone text message informing them that they have a message from you in their bebot inbox and that you are waiting for their response.

Question:  Why do the girls seems so friendly and warm in their pictures and videos but so distant and unattentive towards me?

Answer:  I put a lot of work, effort, time, passion, resources, and caring into developing my relationships with the bebots, their families, and their friends.  I keep in mind and respect the 2 biggest principles when it comes to Filipino bonding and that is food and family.  If you can look behind the scenes that where ever I go whatever I do, I make sure that we are always eating with plenty of food.  Nothing turns off a Filipina faster than being hungry or someone stingy with food.  When it comes to food, be as generous as possible.  I try to meet as many family members as I can and always bring some treats with me whenever I visit their home.  As I grow with this website, I see it less and less as a business and see it more and more as a hobby.  A hobby into the study of people, places, culture, and most importantly relationships. Familiarity builds friendships. Of course these relationships are non transferable especially online over the internet.  You are required to do it yourself in person.  At least you have me as your trusted guide to keep you from getting lost along the way.

Question:  You claim to be the first website ever with standards and a screening process.  What are these standards and how did you come up with them?

Answer:  I don't allow bar girls, free lancers, webcam girls, exotic beauties, single moms, ladyboys, posers, seperated married women, horsefaces, and girls with missing teeth for obvious reasons.  There are hundreds of thousands of single men that come to the Philippines not knowing that this is what they have been corresponding with.  They spend an average of $5,000 on their trip for this very expensive learning experience.  I also don't allow other things like smoking or tatoos.  This is a family friendly website and maintains a wholesome clean image.  Nothing screams I am a bargirl, than heavy make up, dark eye bags, and especially tatoos.  Every bar girl that I have experience of knowing wears a tatoo.  It is like a standard initiation to the industry. Welcome to the life of sleeping with the most disgusting strange men for money, now here is your tatoo.  I came up with these standards to save you time, money, and most of all heartache.  Can you think of another website that does all these things?


Question:  So how do I get a bebot to notice me is the million dollar question here?

Answer:  If a bebot will meet with me who is ugly, with a fat face, old, and bitter, then you have the same or better chance of meeting this beautiful lady also.  I buy them a nice sit down lunch and give them bebotsonly shirts with ID lanyards which are are things they need and use everyday.  Most importantly I am there to share a dream and unique idea with them.  That is why they have trusted me with their pictures and videos to share with you.  I have proven to the community that there are intangible benefits to knowing me and that is what you need to do.  

This is not a website where you place your order and wait for your bride to be delivered with next weeks mail.  Just because you paid me $30 doesn't mean a bebot is going to care about you.  It says to me that you are disciplined with your money and you are serious enough to take the first step in your thousand mile journey.  What you need to do is impress the girl to make you stand out from the online crowd and local competition.  All you have to do is ask yourself what you have done or would like to do to get a girl to notice you.  It could be as simple as buying her a drink or all the way to something extreme like inviting her and her family for a weekend in your 150 foot yacht.  Notice I said family.  The quickest way to a Filipina is through her Mom.  The mother is the most important person here in the Philippines.  Everything begins and ends with the mother.  Nothing happens without her approval.  The gift you should buy has to be something she wants and needs.  All bebots need and want shoes and clothes.  They can cost anywhere between $6 to $30.  In terms of food, they all love Kentucky Fried Chicken and a bucket of 6 pieces to feed a family of 4 will cost you $8.  If you really want to go all out, all bebots really want gadgets like cell fones, cameras, or laptops.

Of course the advantage in the Philippines is that people are poor which means they will be more grateful and appreciative towards your acts of kindness.  Keep in mind we are not politicians or bar girls that are comprommised and easily corrupted.  Our ideals, loyalty, dignity, and self respect are still intact.  So we will behave and react accordingly under those conditions.  All relationships have benefits and you want to buy her something that reminds her and everyone around her how wonderful life has been ever since you came along.  Of course there are no guarantees and that is why it is called a gift.  But it will get you noticed.  How much notice will depend on the bebot, the gift, the competition, and other natural roadblocks to your objective.

I suggest you take her on a lunch date and a small shopping trip at a local SM mall. This lets her know that you are as serious as a heart attack with your friendship and create some distance between you and local suitors.  If you can't do it, I can do it for you even though I hate shopping. It will be just part of my penance and punishment I deserve for all my good deeds. I will take pictures and videos and send them to you so you can share the experience as if you were there yourself.  Of course you can always send flowers and chocolates but they are easily forgotten once they die and are eaten.  Pictures and videos cheat time by making memories last forever.  Contact me to make arrangements. 

It is your money and it is your life.  If you decide it is too much time, too much money, too much headache, too much work, and would rather spend the next 30 years alone without a bebot to stand by you, then I completely respect that.  What you can't do is moan and groan about how lonely and miserable your existence is, then not lift a finger to do anything about it.  There is no sympathy, even from the devil, for you.  Staring at this website and doing nothing will just lead to a whole lot more of nothing.  We are men of action.  We do what we say and say what we do without making excuses or lamenting on regret. We do not allow the mistakes and misfortunes of the past get in the way of a future we all desire.  Think about it and let me know once you are ready to take that first step.

Question:  Why do millions of men everyday send thousand of dollars to online scams usually from Davao but refuse to spend $30 towards meeting a real girl?

Answer:  I still do not have a good answer for this one and require more research.

Question:  Why do all scams use the excuse that they were hospitalized with dengue when you tried to meet them in person?

Answer:  There is no need to come up with another one.

Question:  Why do you need to know my occupation and annual income?

Answer:  The number one reason Filipinas get divorced is because you have Americanized them.  Nothing Americanizes them faster than a paycheck and credit cards.  So if you want to save your marriage, make sure you have enough income to support a family.  Every Filipina would rather stay home with the children than go to work to service credit cards.  I am not asking you to be rich, but make sure you can support a family without your wife working before you sign up for this website.  You can't spell L-O-V-E without a good J-O-B.

Addendum:  These modern times, to provide the basics of food, shelter, clothing, education, security, and entertainment for a family, yes a man does have to be rich.  If you can not provide any of these basics, it is best you work on that aspect of your life first before you join our club.  If you need someone from a poor third world country to make ends meet, then this is not the website for you.

Question:  If she wants to send money to help her family, then why can't she get her own job and send her own money?

Answer:  If you are willing to Americanize your Filipina wife and risk your happy marriage over the 100 to 200 dollars a month she sends home to help her parents, then this website is not for you.  Remember a job means access to credit cards and credit cards to the undisciplined, not only destroy marriages, they also destroy lives.  

Question:  Do some of the bebots have tattoos?

Answer:  Some tattoos are not obvious.  So if they are hidden then I am going to have to plead ignorance because I am not going to ask for a body search before they join the club.  Some tattoos are visible and what the bebots tell me is they were bored and it was something to do.  For now, just as long as their background and references check out, then I will make exceptions.  It is not fair to exclude them from the website if they did not know that tattoos are a condition.  As the website becomes more renowned, I will become stricter regarding this policy.  In the meantime, just as long as they don't have a Mike Tyson face tattoo, I will consider each candidate on a case by case basis.  This group of bored individuals are high risk and need this website to give them direction with something to do and look forward to.

Question:  Why are the Filipinas from southern Mindanao area easier to impress than the Filipinas from the northern Luzon area?

Answer:  The girls from the Mindanao Visayas are more desperate bececause they have less opportunities.  Compared to the girls of the north who have more viable options in terms of other opportunities like education and careers.  Most people from the south who want to have a better education or job eventually migrate north to Manila and surrounding areas.  Those who can't are S-O-L.

Question:  Do these bebots want to get married to me?

Answer:  If you make the right impression online and if you make the right impression to her and her family in person, then the odds are in your favor that she will say yes to your marriage proposal when the time comes.

Question:  Why is it hard for foreign men to find honesty in the Philippines?

Answer:  They will never find honesty anywhere unless they stop lying and start being honest with themselves first.  They think they can marry someone 30 to 40 years younger from a different culture without preparing for the challenges that come with it.  Instead they live in denial and just blame it on the other party for being dishonest when it fails.  A relationship based on lies and denial is doomed before it begins.  Pointing fingers will not help you with your future relationships.  It will just set you up for another failure.  

Question:  Why are there no men traveling to the Philippines to meet the bebots.

Answer:  Men will travel for sex or the idea of sex and not to meet the parents for a friendly handshake.  The system so far is unproven.  It will take patience, time, and a few brav

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